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Garant Royal Market

For all transactions that pass through the royal darknet platform, they automatically take place through a guarantor, that is, until the user confirms that the goods he has, part of the seller’s funds remain blocked on the royal url.

Dispute Royal Darknet

If the buyer does not agree with the actions of the seller, or the goods arrived in an indecent form, the wrong goods arrived, or another problem arose, he opens a dispute and the moderator of the royal market darknet conducts proceedings.

Design Royal onion

In order for our customers to be able to learn how to use the site in the shortest possible time, we came up with a unique design for our royal market. Everything for quick shopping in the onion network.

Royal Markets in numbers

The laboratories of our Royal Market vendors produce the best chemicals available at the moment, the effect of which is safe and is a benchmark in comparison with other sites.

Web Desiging - 90%

Responsive Design - 85%

Market Speed - 70%


Royal darknet hackers can get any information you need from the open spaces of the modern clearnet.

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